Friday, October 8, 2010

royalty free beats.

These are royalty free instrumentals made by regardless devon
flaawless aka copy and paste links in the Browser..

It's The Unit is bang'ing vibrantly, with a nice texture of piano arpeggio.. with race'ing high hats. punch'ing 808 and normal base. and hot brake downs.

Fake Tactics the inst - to me is actualy an acti'vist - It's kind've like someth'ing gangsta r&b - ridd'ing mobb'ing shit but it's also poss'ible to be about reality affairs and trust.

Just In Touch the inst is up-tempo straight club type of shit on chorus - even though the verse's is just a little bit slower- but it's not throwing the creativity off. It has a nice bell structure - violens and other dragging noise's.

Constont Episodes is pretty laid back - I think the beat it self feels good - so it dosen't wanna try to much so it just satys laid back.

make us shine is a slick little method that stay's broke down on the verses and then has a hot punch line of instruments at the chorus- the chorus has one pattern then the verse then back too - two patterns of the chorus.Then the verse back - the verse patterns are the same length in time each time.

Purpose Of Us - is a slow passed beat with a condition of dragging horn's - pretty much R & B ish. and it has a nice little flip for the chorus. and a little bit of space quality.

Told Of The Oh No - I have no explantion to this beat - but it's basicly just repeating the same loop with only brief spaces on tracks.

Good mourning Good night : Is like mix'ing disco with rap - so i'll say at this moment. But it's an alright inst - I feal someone should use this when they have to handel more of the up - tempo's with their voice and not compleatly being dependent on the beat.

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